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Pacific Coast Metalcraft – “it all starts with an idea”

With over 20 years of experience in the industry of custom metal fabrication, PCM’s Red Seal Journeymen can bring your ideas and projects to completion from our wide range of knowledge, engineering and design capabilities.  We believe that our expertise and resources will help you to solve almost any metal project, big or small, and no matter the complexity.





Our Project And Services

Metal Fabrication
Engineered Projects

PCM has a simple mission. To deliver products that are built to last, made to work and crafted in detail. Having the ability to visualize each task is one of our core strengths. This helps us capture the vision of each customer, because even the small details are important. So, as important as completing a job is, taking the time to insure both function and appearance are also correct ensures that everyone is satisfied. This is our top priority.

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